My Trash Novel

The Story of BraZen

My story

I'm Gina and I'll be your fearless listener, your Zen guide, your comedian, your newest brazen bitch girlfriend, and hopefully your photographer if you'll have me! 

Everyone has a story.  

I've been through some rough crap (haven't we all).  Book a session and I'll tell ya mine if you show me yours.  LOL!  I'm so grateful for the stuff that didn't kill me.  As the saying goes, it just made me freaking stronger, wiser, and more accepting of myself.  There's no love without vulnerability.  I believe the most beautiful images are the vulnerable, intimate ones where we reveal ourselves.   The war wounds I've collected make me who I am.  They deepen my love for myself and make me more and more grateful for what I have.  They make me the Brazen Bitch I am today.  Someone who feels the fear, but does it anyway!   

How did I get my start in Boudoir?  Photography and laughter are my favorite forms of therapy, so along with my photography business, I'm in two Improv comedy troupes.  A long time ago, when I mostly just shot weddings and families, I was doing an improv performance one night when my scene partner dropped to the ground and began outrageously sexy posing.  I'd never laughed so hard in my life.  I knew right then, Boudoir was where I wanted to focus my photography business.  I was standing on that stage and laughing uncontrollably because I felt like all of a sudden being sexy was not only allowed but necessary for a fun life.  Laughing about it released the pent up feelings about being sexy that I'd denied myself for so many years.  Seriously, this happened for me at improv.  I realized that I could use photography to make "sexy" accessible again.  Something that should be freaking embraced.  Something that isn't scary or taboo.  Sexy can and should make you feel more alive.  Sexy can be serious.  Sexy can be fun.  Sexy means something different to every woman, but it does mean something.  Denying it is denying a huge part of who we are.   Boudoir gives my photography purpose, to give women a medium for their sexy, to give them the opportunity to release whatever they've denied themselves, to make them forget their crap and just love on themselves for a while.  

I have been a photographer for 16 years, but I've never felt so alive about it until I began shooting Boudoir.  Now, I carry a titillating little secret everywhere I go.  It has me walking on stilettos made of air and feeling grateful that I get to make other women feel this way too. 

Make a move on me now so I can have the chance to make you feel brazen, strong, and sexy, too!  Wink, Wink!

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