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Boudoir Session

It may seem strange that I only offer one session option.  What I discovered is that it takes 1.5 - 2 hours to get the best shots of you.  Any less robs you of the best experience that I think every woman who is brazen enough to do this wild thing should have.  And any more is overkill and will exhaust you.  So I only offer one session option.  The prints products you choose to purchase, however, will be all up to you!  


What is included:
1-1.5 Hours Professional Makeup Artist & Hair Styling
1.5--2 Hours Photoshoot with Gina
3 Outfits + Just The Sheet
Access to the BraZen Client Closet
Same-Day Viewing + Ordering Appointment
Custom + Requested Retouching
Free Shipping or Pick Up Your Final Order
Weekend Appointment $200

The booking fee reserves your date on my calendar and is applied to the Collection of your choice.

Collections start at $899.



1. Choose a date with Gina
2. Sign the contract & pay the booking fee
3. Shop around for outfits & prep for your session
4. Arrive on time for your shoot
5. Hair & Makeup (1-1.5 hours)
6. Photoshoot (1-2 hours)
7. Break for 1 hour / Eat lunch / Gina edits your photos
8. Viewing & Ordering appointment after 1-hour break
9. Narrow down to your favs & choose final order
10. Pay in full for collection choice and/or upgrades (payment plans available)


Session times:

MWF --- 9:30 AM

You may arrive at 10:30 AM if you DIY your hair and makeup. 

$100 will be taken off your package choice.

-- Helpful Extras --

$100 of your session fee goes toward the purchase of the BraZen products or package of your choice. 

Products and packages begin at $899.

Although it is how the studio was designed, there is no obligation to purchase print or digital products.  Investment options will be discussed at your consultation before you book your session. 


So you wanna DIY your hair and makeup?  No problem! 

You will receive an extra $100 off your BraZen products or package of choice.  That's $350 total toward your chosen items. 

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